Thursday, August 20, 2009

Photoshot untuk KLUE Magazine issue September - Personaliti CHRIS CHONG

Saya baru menyiapkan photoshot untuk Pengarah filem dan producer Chris Chong Chan Fui. Sedikit mengenai pembabitan beliau dalam perfileman.

Chris Chong Chan Fui is a filmmaker and media artist born in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, East Malaysia (Borneo), and began filmmaking through experimental moving images.

KARAOKE, Chris' debut feature, has been selected for the 2009 CANNES' DIRECTORS FORTNIGHT. This will be the first Malaysian feature film selected to CANNES in 14 years. The film was selected exclusively for the script clinic at the 2007 BERLIN INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL’s, BORACAY CO-PRODUCTION MEETING (2007 CINEMANILA FILM FESTIVAL / ROTTERDAM INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL) as well as the HONG KONG ASIAN FILM FINANCING FORUM - HAF (2008 HONG KONG INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL).


In 2008, Chris’ new experimental film Block B won the Best International Short Film prize at Argentina's 23rd MAR DEL PLATA INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL, and for the second year in a row, won the Best Canadian Short Film prize at the 2008 TORONTO INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL. In 2009, the film was invited to the INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL ROTTERDAM Tiger Competition and the BERLINALE'S Forum Expanded. Last year, Chris also won the same prize in Toronto with his experimental documentary Kolam (Pool), as well as voted one of Canada’s TOP 10 Short Films for 2007. In addition, Chris was also 1 of 20 up-and-coming directors selected for the Toronto festival’s 2008 TALENT LAB, with mentors that included Don McKellar, Stephen Woolley, and Olivier Assayas.

In previous years, he was awarded the Ford Foundation's 2006 Asian Scholarship Foundation fellowship, and the Asian Film Academy fellowship (2006 PUSAN INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL)


The Tour is Chris’ second feature film currently in early pre-production, with production planned for mid-2010. Shot in his hometown of Borneo Malaysia, The Tour has been invited to the 2009 CANNES' LES CINEMAS DU MONDE PAVILION, 2009 CINEMART - INT'L FILM FESTIVAL ROTTERDAM, and the 2008 FESTIVAL DES 3 CONTINENTS in NANTES, FRANCE 2008, after the project was announced the winner at the 2008 PRODUIRE AU SUD BANGKOK in Nov 2008.

COMPOUND, an audio-visual installation in collaboration with Japanese sound artist Yasuhiro Morinaga, will be presented in galleries in Washington, Toronto and Kuala Lumpur by 2009/10.

Nota : Biography diambil dari Website Chris Chong.


  1. waaa... how did u know this guy bro?

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